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Why Installing High-Quality Garage Cabinets in Jeffersontown, KY Is Your Best Bet.

Quite a lot of garages suffer from the disorder and lack of space. It might be a decent time to consider installing custom garage cabinets. Here at Garage Apex, we are specialists in the art and science of garage makeover decluttering and remodeling.

If our 14 years of experience serving countless clients has taught us anything, it is this – the solution to your garage makeover troubles starts with cabinets. Here is what you can be your expectations when you install our custom-designed cabinets in your garage:

Custom Garage Cabinets

A garage floor space free of any clutter

Random objects littering the floor are a common sight in most garages, irrespective of their sizes. It doesn't matter if you have a small, one-car garage or a spacious structure that can accommodate two to three vehicles.

Floor clutter is a persistent nuisance that is not affected by the available floor space. What makes a difference here is a vertical cabinet storage system – a place where you can conveniently secure your tools, supplies, and even plastic bins.

With secure locks, custom cabinets also give you a great place to keep your valuable items. Things like rare collectibles and premium tools – you can keep many precious items securely stowed away in a garage cabinet.

An artistic impact of the space

Apart from the practical utility of storage spaces to remove clutter, garage cabinets are also useful from an aesthetic point of view. With sleek exteriors available in a range of custom colors, modern storage cabinets can make your garage looks more appealing.

You won't get that look with just any old cabinet. You need a premium quality product with fine craftsmanship and durable, high-quality materials. Not that alone; to guarantee maximum visual impact, you need cabinets that can be customized to suit the extent of your garage.

Garage Apex's garage cabinet systems come in a highly flexible modular design that will offer a perfect fit in any garage. The melamine decorative laminate gives these cabinet systems a premium look that can elevate any indoor space.

A healthy garage space

People in a typical family spend a considerable amount of time inside their garages. This includes kids, pets, and sometimes even seniors. Clutter is not just an eyesore in these situations – it can cause potentially severe accidents.

If you leave dangerous things like tool sets, gardening gear, and other items lying around, sooner or later, someone will get hurt. If not through tripping and falling damage, injuries can happen due to ingestion of poisons. This is often a major concern in a place where kids and pets stay.

Keeping oils, pesticides, bleaching agents, and other household chemicals inside cabinets is a good idea whenever kids or pets are involved. Apart from saving us from injury, garage cabinets can also save our floors from damage due to the additional clutter.

Select Garage Apex for top-notch garage cabinet installation in Jeffersontown, Kentucky

If you want garage makeover advice, our knowledgeable team will be excited to help you. Our premium garage cabinets are all manufactured right here in the United States. To receive a free quote or the latest information on our garage organization products, give us a call today.

Two Working Ideas for Your Garage makeover in Jeffersontown, KY

slatwall storage system

The unavailability of space is one of the most common issues in the garage for millions of families across the country. Often, the lack of proper garage makeover makes many households leave their second car out in the driveway. Some families are so embarrassed by the mess inside their garages that they leave the garage doors closed at all times.

But things don’t always have to be like this. With some dedication and careful thought process, you can convert your garage into a space where you can even entertain guests during a party, should occasion demands for it.

Why there is an increasing Struggle with Garage Clutter

Let’s consider for a moment the most common reasons for messy and cluttered garages. The usual suspects include:

A habit to use the garage as a storage locker – you dump less-used household items straight into the garage

Lack of any proper storage cabinets

You are not using the available storage space in an optimal manner

You can solve the first two issues easily – invest in some garage storage cabinets and stop using your garage as a waste dump. But for maximum impact in garage makeover, you need to find solutions for the third issue as well. Two additional garage space management solutions come to mind – slat walls and overhead storage.

Procure a Slatwall Storage System

Slatwall organization systems are an incredibly simple yet highly effective solution for storing large and bulky items inside your garage. Using simple hooks and other accessories along the grooves of the walls, you can store anything from bikes to alpine sports equipment, gardening tools, hoses, and lots.

A slat wall storage system can transform an entire wall inside your garage into a new storage area. This will help you reduce the pressure on the floor as the main storage space. Large and unwieldy objects that take a lot of space on the floor can be moved up to the slat walls for effective storage.

Slat wall panels are available in 8′ or 4′ panels. You can also easily cut up these panels if there are any space constraints in your garage. Modern slat wall systems come in a wide range of color options, with a choice of supplemental accessories.

Overhead Storage Racks Installation

Storage boxes are a notable option when you want to accommodate a large collection of household junk – things like old toys, unused clothes, old electronic gadgets, and so on. But cabinets and slat walls cannot accommodate large boxes.

These boxes cannot be left alone on the floor space, they still have to go somewhere, and the best option in many garages is to look up to the ceiling! Overhead storage racks are a profound way to remove clutter and free up space on the garage floor. They are designed to accommodate a wide range of large objects.

Due to their low accessibility, these racks are best used for less-used or seasonal items. Heavy-duty racks can accommodate larger equipment like lawn mowers and even canoes.

Garage Apex Brilliant Garage makeover remedy in Jeffersontown, KY.

For an innovative remedy to all your garage makeoverwoes in Jeffersontown, contact our experts at Garage Apex. Custom storage cabinets, Slatwall systems, overhead storage racks – we provide them all. For a free quote on high-quality, made-in-America garage storage solutions, give us a call today! 

6 Outstanding Merits of Epoxy Garage Floors in Jeffersontown, KY

Many homeowners forget about the humble old garage floor when planning a garage remodeling project. Don’t make that same mistake – modern epoxy garage floors can have a transformative impact on your entire garage.

Choose a garage makeover expert that offers high-quality epoxy flooring as a standard service for garage floors. If you don’t know about this wonderful piece of technology, read on to find out and know why it should be at the peak of your priority list for your garage upgrades.

Why epoxy garage flooring?

Epoxy coating is a highly durable and stable protective layer commonly added to floors in factories and other heavy industry settings. It’s made up of a combination of a polyepoxide resin and a polyamine hardener.

A polyaspartic coating is an advanced upgrade to traditional epoxy coatings. It offers the same durability and resilience as epoxy while drastically reducing the time needed to install/apply an epoxy floor upgrade. Furthermore, it gives an extra smooth and glossy effect to your garage floor.

You can enjoy the following merits of epoxy garage floor:

Epoxy Garage Floors

A classy outlook

Epoxy garage floors come in a wide range of sleek and shiny patterns and color options. You can select a mosaic or bold checkerboard pattern to make your house's existing decor noticeable. All the old cracks and dents on your garage floor are removed when you add an epoxy layer.

High durability

Epoxy floors can take a lot of punishment and still appear brand new. Shocks, impacts, and heavy loads are not a concern for this material due to its high tensile strength. This is the same stuff used in factories – it will easily keep your garage floor intact and unblemished.

Easy to maintain

Despite a shiny surface, epoxy floors are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. You can use a basic mop or vacuum cleaner to keep your garage floors clean. The surface does not hold dirt or grime easily – you can use soap to clean everything – no special solvents are required.

Reduction in environmental impression

Due to their exceptional durability and longevity, epoxy garage floors are more environmentally friendly compared to other floor coating options. Unlike wood or tiles, it uses fewer materials and lasts for a much longer duration. This results in less waste, which is always good for the environment.

Cost efficiency

On top of everything else, epoxy garage floors also offer you a higher bang for your buck. Thanks to the efficient installation process, your time and money be efficiently managed compared to wood or tile finish. On top of that, you obtain a surface that is long-lasting, low on maintenance, and highly resistant to any damage.

Lifespan guarantee

Due to its super resistance to physical and chemical stress, garage epoxy floors can last for years or even decades. It is way ahead of other surface options like wood, tiles, and carpet in this regard. Trusted garage remodeling companies offer a lifetime warranty on epoxy floors due to its obvious reasons.

Garage Apex – The Reliable Provider of Epoxy Garage Floors

To gain these outstanding merits of epoxy coating, a proper installation by experienced teams is essential. Here at Garage Apex, we have years of convincing experience, having installed thousands of epoxy floors in the garages of satisfied customers. As a mark of trust, we offer a lifetime warranty on our epoxy garage floors. To learn more about our color/pattern choices, give us a call today.

7 Helpful Tips for Homeowners By a Garage Organizer in Jeffersontown, KY

garage organizer solutions

A garage can be many things – a place to park your car, store tools, space for a home gym or hobby workshop, and many other relatable household collections. Using the right garage organizer solutions, you can do pretty much anything you want with your home garage.

Unfortunately, clutter is a difficult monster to slay for most homeowners. We create a ton of borderline useless junk that we cannot throw away in the garbage bin. Then there are all those seasonal items like camping gear, snow sports equipment, gardening tools, and so on.

Together, these things take up so much space in your garage that many homeowners have much trouble parking their cars in their designated places- the garage. . To avoid the same fate, use the following smart garage organizer tips:

Discard any junk at sight.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we become hoarders of junk inside our garages over time. Take some hard decisions – throw useless broken items in the garbage/recycle bin, donate to charity, or hold a yard sale. By doing these, you will create more space good enough to park your cars and install serviceable storage cabinets.

Install garage storage cabinets

If your garage does not already have them, install a set of storage cabinet systems along one wall (minimum). They can be incredibly useful for storing all your frequently used tools and instruments, helping reduce clutter while adding a pleasant appeal to the garage.

Fix efficient Slatwall panels

If you are not using vertical spaces properly, you are losing out on optimal garage storage. These panels can be cut to precise dimensions for a perfect fit for your garage walls. And they are incredibly versatile, too – storing anything from bikes to rakes, spades, garden shears, step ladders, and more.

Consider Overhead Storage Racks

There is a ton of potential storage space left unused close to the ceilings of our garages. Using overhead storage racks, most of our household items can be kept well off the garage floor. These racks are perfect for storing holiday decorations, winter tires, seasonal sporting equipment, and anything in storage bins.

Replace the garage floor with Improved garage flooring

You cannot have a fully organized and transformed garage without a flooring upgrade. A dirty, worn-out, or unfinished floor is a real eyesore. It can also be an accident-prone spot. Modern upgrade options like epoxy coating can give the needed tasteful sight to your garage floor.

Fix or substitute fixtures and wiring

Outdated electrical fixtures are potential fire hazards and need to be upgraded by a skilled electrician. You can also consider adding new, energy-efficient LED lighting systems to your newly organized garage to bring out the shine on your new floors and custom garage cabinets.

Employ an expert garage organizer and cabinet maker

While you can take the DIY route to create a better garage, the safest option is to rely on a professional garage makeover specialist. Many systems, like overhead racks, can cause severe injury if they are not installed by skilled professionals.

Garage Apex offers all your needs for your garage organizer in Jeffersontown, KY

We can transform your garage into a safe, clutter-free, and stylish zone with our range of custom storage cabinets, slat wall systems, and overhead storage solutions. To learn more about our products and deliverables, give us a call today.

5 Things You Should Take Note When getting a Garage Storage Upgrade in Jeffersontown, KY

Homeowners across Kentucky suffer from a common headache – space crunch and growing clutter inside their garages. Fortunately, this trouble can easily be solved by investing in an upgrade of garage storage cabinets.

These cabinets create additional verticality to the storage area inside your garage, reducing the pressure on your garage floor to accommodate all manners of tools and household objects. Thankfully, there are plenty of different product offerings in the garage storage market. To pick the right option for your requirement, take note of the following crucial factors:


Ideally, you want robust products that will last you for a fairly long time. You don't want to keep upgrading or repairing your garage cabinets once every two to three years; that would be absurd and expensive. PVC, wood, laminate, and metal are the most common materials used to create garage storage cabinets.

Laminate materials offer decent durability with affordability, while cabinets made from high-quality wood are more expensive. Those made from a composite of different materials can be relatively more affordable yet long-lasting. Try to choose custom cabinets that have pressure-treated components, lab-tested materials, and moisture-resistant design.

Cost efficiency

The cost of garage cabinets can vary widely, depending on factors like build quality, materials used, whether prefabricated or custom-built, and so on. You don't always have to pay top dollar to get a decent quality product.

Talk to reputable garage storage cabinet makers, and you will eventually find a storage solution that matches your earmarked resources and quality requirements. The important thing is to avoid scraping at the bottom of the barrel – remember, you get what you pay for when you buy the cheapest product available.

The expanse level of storage

How much storage space do you need inside your brand-new cabinets? Will your considered storage items include small tools, larger boxes, or even heavy-duty equipment? The answer to these questions will help you determine the actual dimensions of the storage cabinet you need.

Take a closer look at the noticeable items and objects responsible for cluttering up your garage floor. If there are larger storage boxes or cartons that you need to move en-masse, use tape to measure their dimensions.

Open or a closed design cabinet

Do you prefer regular cabinets with doors or a more open shelving design? There are pros and cons associated with each design type. With an open design, you get quick and easy access to the items and tools stored inside the cabinet. But they look less tidy.

In contrast, cabinets with doors tend to look very elegant, discreet, and tidy. They also provide more protection to the objects stored. If you want to prevent kids, pets, or even outsiders from gaining easy access to the contents, always pick a regular garage cabinet design.


Cabinets can be built into your garage walls using screws and other attachments for a more secure and permanent storage solution. Or you could go for a more portable cabinet with a smaller size and easy-grip designs if you want a bit more flexibility.

The Suitable and Affordable Cost of Garage Storage in Jeffersontown, KY

Garage Apex is a trusted brand in the garage organization industry with over 14 years of history. Our commitment to quality has effortlessly placed us as the most sought-after successful brand. All garage storage cabinets we offer are manufactured in the US, with high-quality components and materials. Contact us today using the options available on this link for any inquiries or to receive a free quote.

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